How to keep the house clean longer?

It’s a delight to come home after a tiring day and feel clean, right? Despite being good, many people frown when talking about cleaning. After all, cleaning the house takes work, demands time and effort, and is boring for a bunch… But cleaning doesn’t have to be torture if there’s proper daily maintenance. With small habits, the effects of that cleaning can last a long time. Does he doubt? So check out these tips we prepared for you to keep your home clean and fragrant for much longer!

Always avoid dust

A great villain that ends your cleaning is dust. When it settles and remains, it makes people allergic and keeps everything visually dirty. A tip to get rid of dust is always to beat pillows, clean books from shelves, use comforters (not blankets or blankets) and always clean the fans well when cleaning. Always use a vacuum cleaner and avoid having a lot of small objects in the decoration because it is more difficult to clean later than to accumulate dust unnecessarily.

Clean and buff your furniture every week

Another essential part of cleaning that should not be overlooked is polishing the furniture. It may seem tedious, but cleaning them is essential to avoid accumulating dirt. When furniture is polished with specific products, they create a protective “film” that prevents moisture and dust from settling on it. Get in the habit of giving your furniture attention once a week.

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No putting off the dishes.

That old story of washing the dishes only when you feel like it needs to end. The accumulation of dishes in the sink is an enemy of organization in your home, especially in the kitchen, which focuses on dirt, bacteria, and microorganisms inside the house. To prevent this from happening, wash the dishes as soon as you finish eating to avoid forming that pile of cutlery, pans, glasses, and plates – the great motivator of laziness.

Make the bed every day when you wake up.

A messy bed may seem harmless, but it’s the starting point for a cluttered home, especially if it’s small. To avoid this straightforward problem and put an end to visual pollution, make your bed every day as soon as you wake up. If you make it a habit, it never seems too much effort to organize your sheets.

Keep anything you use

That maxim of “used it, kept it” has to be valid in your house every day. Whenever you use anything in the house, put it away as soon as you’re done using it. This will prevent things from getting scattered, generating disorganization, and avoiding something from getting lost in the middle of the mess.

Sweep the house and mop every day

This essential kit for your daily cleaning should become a habit. To avoid the accumulation of dust, hair (if you have pets at home), and everyday dirt, it is essential that you sweep the house every day, finishing with a cloth soaked in disinfectant or multipurpose cleaner to ensure that pleasant smell.

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Clean weekly

For the house to be clean during the week, it is necessary to take a day – on Sunday, for example – to do the general cleaning. Clean windows, blinds, curtains, wash the floors and bathroom, fans, tilting, stoves, refrigerator, and the like. Use and abuse heavy cleaning products, such as bleach, disinfectants, multipurpose soap, and others. Turn on the sound, put on your favorite songs and get to work!