What is the best chocolate to make an Easter egg?

Do you know the best chocolate to make an Easter egg? Each flavor has its characteristics, and it is essential to think about every detail when using them in dessert recipes for lunch. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide to help you choose materials to make chocolate eggs at home without having to master complex confectionery techniques. It is important to note that these tips are for home production and consumption, not for sales or scale production, ok? See now how to make an Easter egg without making mistakes in the ingredients.

What is the best chocolate to make homemade Easter eggs: see options

The types of chocolate are pretty varied, but some are specifically used for making Easter eggs at home. In choosing your favorite flavor, it is essential to learn how to temper chocolate. See? Here are the tips for making homemade eggs:

Milk chocolate guarantees a soft and sweet Easter egg

Milk chocolate is the most popular type when it comes to Easter eggs. As the name implies, the ingredient has a high proportion of milk and has a delightful taste. When used in recipes, milk chocolate makes desserts soft enough to dissolve in the mouth, making it a favorite with children. It is easy to melt and is commonly used to prepare spout point ganache. It is impossible not to like it!

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Semisweet chocolate offers more firmness and fantastic flavor.

For those who prefer less sweet recipes with a more fantastic flavor, semisweet chocolate is the perfect indication. The ingredient concentrates between 37% and 50% of cocoa in its composition and has less milk than other types, which helps keep the Easter egg firmer. Its taste is more substantial, which is excellent for full recipes like petit gateau.

White chocolate tastes more intense but burns quickly.

Like milk chocolate, the white type has much milk in its composition, but it has a more intense flavor than the Easter egg because it has a higher concentration of cocoa butter. The only problem is that it takes longer to melt and burns exceptionally quickly, whether in the microwave or the water bath. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when preparing or even use another type of chocolate that is easier to handle if you do not have much experience making sweets.

How to make homemade Easter egg: spice up recipes with peanuts or grated coconut

You can add other ingredients to the recipe to add more flavor and texture to your homemade chocolate egg. Investing in crushed peanuts for preparation with milk or semisweet chocolate is an example of a recommendation for a crunchy shell. If you prefer to use white chocolate, shredded coconut is a favorite complementary ingredient. Rice flakes and chocolate balls are famous as toppings that go perfectly with various chocolates.

How to make homemade easter eggs not melt

The secret to keeping the homemade egg firm lies in grain alcohol, which guarantees excellent thermal resistance and prevents the egg from melting if it is taken out of the fridge for more than a few minutes. Just use one tablespoon of grain alcohol for every 500 g of melted chocolate – this is even more important if you choose to use white chocolate – and you’re good to go. Thus, the candy tolerates the thermal shock without falling apart. Write down the tip, huh?

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How to make an easy spoon egg in just a few steps

If you prefer to add to the shell of a ready-made chocolate egg with fillings of preference, enjoy the recipe for a spoon Easter egg with brownie and dulce de leche mousse. It is convenient to prepare and will make all the difference in the celebration. There is also the option of thinking about alternative fillings, such as dulce de leche with plum.